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About Me

This group—the Root & Nourish Wisdom Circle—is an extension of Root & Nourish: An Herbal Cookbook for Women's Wellness, by Jennifer Kurdyla and Abbey Rodriguez. It is a place for sharing and listening to our stories of healing, and where we can find nourishment through all kinds of food to live lives with intention and integrity.

Why You Should Join Me

As a member of the Root & Nourish Wisdom Circle, you receive:

  • Weekly "love notes" in your inbox offering inspiration around a monthly wellness theme, including practical tools, recipes, reflections, and resources to support your well-being
  • Invitations to free virtual gatherings where you can learn more about the concepts we write about in our cookbook, Root & Nourish: digestion, mental health, female reproductive hormonal health, herbalism, Ayurveda, yoga, and more!
  • Updates on events and restorative retreats we are hosting—we can't wait to share what's in the pipeline!
  • Articles, stories, creators, and other resources that celebrate the healing magic of plants we find valuable and want to share with you
  • A free online, non-social-media community where you can ask questions, share insights and reflections, and meet other people interested in aligning with nature

A Big Thanks

Thank you for your support as we gather together to share our stories and connect with each other.

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